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DATE PICKLE (sweet sour &spiced)



This pickle is an evergreen pickle which can be eaten with Bread, Chappathi, and with Bondas Bhajjis etc.


Firm Golden/Black Dates 350 gms.
Raw white Sour Mango 300 gms.
Jaggery 200 gms.
Dhania 50 gms.
Jeera 25 gms.
Fenugreek 20 gms.
Chilli Powder 150 gms.
Turmeric powder 1 spoon
Oil (Ground nut) 250 ml
Cloves 1 spoon
Cinnamon 6 to 7 !" sticks
Whole Black Pepper 3 to 4 spoons
Salt to taste.(start with 60 gms)



Select mature white and sour mangoes. Make 1.5 " Pieces including hard shell. Take care to discard the kernel and black inner portions if any.Wash with good water and first wipe it clean. Now rub a fistful of salt and A spoonful of Turmeric powder and let it dry in sun till the mangoe shrivels. This can be achieved in one afternoon drying itself. Soak Dhania, Jeera and Fenugreek in just a little water for ten minutes, then wash with water and then rub them dry. After fifteen to twenty minutes of drying, make a coarse powder (very coarse) of Dhania, Jeera, and Fenugreek and then sundry. Remove the seeds from Dates . Take a large vessel and then mix all the ingredients except spices (cloves, cinnamon). Taste the masala for salt now. Add sundried Mangoes and Seed removed Golden or Black dates. Add oil (half) and mix thoroughly. Now take some oil in a kadai and tamper the pickle with Cloves and cinnamon. Place the Pickle in sun for three to four days. In between, mix everything with spoon daily. When Jaggery has liquified in thick syrup, add some more oil if you want and again check for salt. If you are satisfied, pack the pickle in air tight jars. Enjoy this pickle with chapathis, Parothas and bread. This pickle will last for an year.


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