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This pickle is an evergreen pickle which can be eaten with Bread, Chappathi, and with Bondas Bhajjis etc.


Two extra large sized Mangoes of not too sour variety but with white flesh and very hard.
Chilli Powder

Little oil
Cinnamon sticks



Jullienne two mangoes after removing the green skin.The Julienned  mass will look like a lump of vermicelli. Put three spoons of salt  and a quarter spoon of Turmeric powder in that Julienned mass , mix thoroughly and let it stand for about ten minutes. Take a fine muslin cloth and put the Julienned mango mix in to the cloth and tie it tightly. Start squeezing the mass so that the water will start draining from the tied cloth. Go on twisting the cloth ball and after some time, complete liquid will drain off. The mass of julienned mango would be almost Dry. Now take a Stainless steel large mouthed vessel like patela and mix the mango mass with same weight of Sugar thoroughly. Add a little quantity of about two tea spoons of salt along with sugar and then tie the mouth of the vessel with a clean cloth. Keep the steel vessel in the Sun for about six days. Take care to turn the Pickle every day during this six days. At the end of six days, you will find that the sugar has melted and a thick raw pickle is ready. 
Add four to five tea spoons of chilli powder and mix thoroughly. Garnish the pickle with ten to twelve cloves and five to six two inch sticks of Cinnamon fried in veg.oil and pour it on CHHUNDO. 

You see that the garnished cloves and cinnamon sticks are immediately mixed in the mass. 
Preserve this in glass Jar.Chuhundo will taste sweet and sour and will go well with a lot of things like Roti, Chappathi, bread, sandwich etc. 

Preparation season is Summer. 
ENJOY!!!! And I would love to have your feed back please. 


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