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Kurma preparation is a very fine art taken to its zenith by the Deccan and Southern Muslim Master cooks. I have been experimenting to prepare this work of art for a long time in different ways. It tastes different and really tasty in Hydrabadi, Tamilnadu, and for that matter any version you make. Today I will post this recipe with a view to really make one happy to prepare and enjoy it afterwards.

350 Gms. Diced vegetables (potatoes, carrots, Knol khol, Beans Green Peas)
2 Nos. Medium sized Onions made into paste
10 cloves Garlic make in a fine paste
3" piece Ginger Make a fine paste
2 Nos. Medium sized Tomatoes diced in small pieces
1 cup Coconut Milk (150 ml)
25 Gms. Khus khus (ghasghasa) made into paste
2 spoons Garam Masala
1/2 spoon Turmeric
2 spoons Chilli powder
6 Nos. Cloves
2" pcs, 3 Nos. Cinnamon
5 Nos. Cardamom
1/2 sp. Cinnamon Powder
Salt to taste
1 sp. Lime Juice
oil for Tempering and frying
Water as per need




Partially steam cook the diced vegetables in a pressure pan after adding little salt and a little sugar to preserve the green colour of vegetables. Set aside. Take a ladleful of cooking oil in a kadai and heat on a medium flame. After the oil is hot, add cloves, cinnamon and cardamom When cloves start popping, add Onion paste. Stir and fry till oil starts separating. Now add Ginger and Garlic paste and fry for about a minute and half. Now add diced Tomatoes and fry till Tomatoes become soft. 

Now add Garam Masala, Chilli powder, salt and Turmeric powder and stir  fry for 30 seconds. Now add Coconut milk or Khus Khus Paste. If you are using Khus Khus Paste, add 1 cup of water and bring the masala mix to a boil. Once the Masala mix is boiling, reduce the flame to slow. Add this mix to Semi cooked vegetables in the pressure pan .Now cover with pressure lid and steam cook for two whistles. Immediately cool the cooker with tap water.You can release the  steam by lifting the whistle(weight) also. Check if green peas are properly cooked, if not cook for further one whistle. 

Once the Kurma is ready , remove the lid of the pressure pan and check for salt. Now add one spoon of Lime Juice and 1/2 spoon of Cinnamon powder. Cook on direct flame without lid for about two to three minutes. 

Your Vegetable Kurma is ready.


And please post your feedback without fail.


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