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UNDHIYUN (mix vegetables curry Gujarati Style) 



Undhiyun is a Gujarati Mix Vegetable curry which is prepared during winter , especially after New Year in January/February when different vegetables are available in pleanty. Gujarat has two distinct schools of cooking. One is general Gujarati style (Kathiawar) and the other Surati Style.  Most of the dishes prepared in Surati style, may it be a curry or a dhall, is sweetened with Sugar or Jaggery to an untolerable lavel for us Southern people.  
Undhiyun is no exception. Undhiyun prepared in Surati style is sweet and is beyond the scope of our taste. Hence I will post the recipe of Undhiyun as prepared in Kathiawari style.  


Papadi (broad beans/Naatu avarakkai (seedless) 100 gms 
Sweet potato 1 no.  
Potato 2 no.  
Baby Brijals 100 gms 
Tomato 2 nos 
Green Thoram seeds (pacchai thoram kottai) 1/2 cup 
Semi ripe banana 1 no.  
Elephant yam 100 gms.  
Other mix vegetables of liking 150 gms.  
(This may be cauli flower also) 
Besan (kadalai maavu) 75 gms 
Vedhi kirai 1/4 cup 
Sugar 1 Tea spoon 
Salt to taste 

Chilli powder 1 Tea spoon 
Asafoetida 1/2 Tea spoon 
Kothumalli 1/4 cup 
Dhania powder 2 spoons 
Jeera powder 1/2 spoon 
Cinnamon and Clove powder 1/2 spoon 

Grated Coconut 1 to 2 large spoons 
Raisins 2 spoons.  
Soda bi-carb 1/4 spoon 

Groundnut oil 350 gms 
Fenugreek seeds 1. 5 Tea spoons 
Mustard seeds 1/4 Tea spoon 
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon 
Cloves six numbers 
Cinnamon sticks 2" 2 nos.  
Jeera 1/2 spoon



First of all wash all the vegetables and wipe them dry.  
Then split the broad be and after removing the vein (side fibers). Cut potatoes, Sweet potatoes and Yam in 3/4 " pieces and set aside.  
Cut semi ripe bananas with skin in 1. 5" pieces and set aside.  
Make cross cut (only one) in each Brinjal and set aside.  

Now take kadalai maavu (besan), and add Vendhi kirai leaves, a little salt and a little Kothumalli. If you want, you may add a little Green chillies . Now add little water and mix everything in the maavu. Add a quarter spoon of Cooking soda and prepare dough which can be worked with.  
Make small round marble shapes and deep fry in oil to light brown colour. Set the Fenugreek vadais aside.  

Now medium fry potato, Sweet potato and Yam till 3/4th fried and remove from oil and set aside.  
Fill up split brinjals with Salt+dhania+jeera+chilli powder which are mixed separately.  
Take four to five ladles of oil in a kadai heat it.  When oil is hot enough, put temperings which includes asafoetida and cloves etc. .  
When mustard starts crackling, add split beans (avarekkai), Green thoram seeds and a little water. Add a pinch of soda bi carb. Cook for ten minutes. Now add other semi fried vegetables. Also add diced tomatoes.  
Add chilli powder, dhania jeera powder, Powdered clove and cinnamon . If you like spicy curry, you may add a spoon of Ginger and green chilli paste . Add salt to taste. (if you like to experiment, add a spoon of sugar). At this stage, add grated coconut, kothumalli .  

Add a cup of water and allow the whole thing to simmer on a low heat for further ten minutes.  Add Fenugreek vadai last at this stage after the heat is switched off.  A heavenly aroma would fill the kitchen.  
Now add fried Fenugreek pakodas and mix thoroughly.  Cover the vessel.  
Serve hot with Phulkas/rotis after thirty minutes.  

If you have liked this dish, please post the feedback.  

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