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This is one curry from Karachi which is very common among Sindhis and Memons of Sindh. Whenever this stuffed curry is cooked, I get appreciative glances and once more from my family. Try this out once and you too would love to re cook the same again and again.

Small tender lady's fingers 350 gms
Onions Grated 2 medium sized
Red Chilli Powder 1.5 spoons
Jeera Powder spoon
Turmeric powder spoon
Dhania/coriander powder 1.5 spoons
Dry Mango powder/Amchur spoon
Asafoetida spoon
Few drops of lemon juice
Salt to taste
Cooking oil 4 table spoons




Cut the tender lady's fingers at both the ends and discard the stalk. Make a long slit in the middle for the stuffing. Set it aside. Now prepare the stuffing in the following manner. Grate the onions and then squeeze the water by pressing in palm of your hand or use a tea filter. Add Coriander, Jeera, Turmeric and Dry mango powders and also the salt. Make a firm dough by mixing well. Now carefully stuff each Lady's finger carefully. Take the oil in a Kadai /frying pan and carefully put in the ladies fingers when the oil is hot. Sprinkle fresh lemon Juice drops over lady's finger and over a slow fire, fry them Carefully, keep turning them till they become tender and get cooked, take care not to over fry or burn them or let them stick them at the bottom of the pan. When done, sprinkle fresh coriander leaves and serve with Rotis/Paratha or with rice.


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