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If you have taken this peas masala with bread slice in Bombay Halwa House on NSC Bose Road in Madras or on Mount Road, You would never forget the taste. Without being very hot, it was so beautifully spiced that anyone would make it a point to ask for the same dish again and again. I have brought that magical recipe for the Hubbers. You are sure to be enchanted by this masala peas curry ,as I have been for over thirty years. I try to visit the outlet on NSC Bose Road even today when I visit Madras.

1/4 portion of Vegetable mass.
1/4 portion of Besan/nuts powder/khuskhus/dhalls.
1/4 portion of Kothumalli (chopped along with Ginger or garlic and other green spices like green chillies)
1/4 portion of Dry spices like Garam masala powder, salt, little oil, turmeric, Asfoetida (Perungayam), Jaggary , amchur etc.




Soak peas overnight with quarter spoon of soda bi carb. Next day drain the soda water and use fresh water and pressure cook the peas after adding little salt. Keep a fairly medium sized potato for mashing purpose also. The peas must be cooked 100% and they should be slightly over cooked too. Keep aside. 

Mash the potato after peeling and keep aside. Make paste of Ginger and Garlic along with green chillies. Also make paste of raw onions keep aside. Roast one onion on open flame and once the outer cover is burnt, remove it and make paste of the roasted onion and keep separately. 

Take all the dry spices like pepper, jeera, Dhania, Cinnamon Cardamom Poppy seeds and powder them finely. If you do not have all the spices, you may take 1.5 spoons of Garam Masala but jeera and Dhania quantity should not be reduced. 

Take oil in a kadai and add just a pinch of mustard seeds to check the temp of oil .When mustard crackles, add onion paste. Stirr fry properly till it turns pinkish and raw onion smell goes. Add Ginger Garlic Chilli paste. Fry for about one minute. Now add all the dry spices powders and fry the masala for one minute at the maximum. Now add cooked Peas, mashed potato and add the paste of roasted Onion. Add salt to taste. Mash about 5% of peas in the vessel to make thick gravy of Idly maavu consistency Stirr thoroughly and add 200 ml of water and Amchur powder or Tamarind paste and let it simmer for about four to five minutes on low medium flame. By now your taste buds would have been working overtime. But please wait .Ensure that the curry is thick, very thick .THIS CURRY SHOULD NOT LEAVE ANY WATER ON BREAD. Place a slice of Sandwich bread and pour thick Peas masala over it. Garnish with Kothumalli and finely chopped Onions and serve steaming hot. Don't forget to give a spoon also . 


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Thanks to all the ForumHubbers for making this happen