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RINGANA-BATATA NU BHARELU SHAAK (Stuffed Potatoes/Brinjal Curry)



This is my most favourite Gujarati Curry.The stuffing varies so much that if you go on changing the stuffings, the Curry tastes Divine and different every time you change it and taste it.

250 gms. Baby Brinjals
350 gms. Medium sized potatoes
25 gms. Peanut coarse powder
25 gms. Kadalai Maavu (Besan)
2 spoons of Dhania Powder
1/2 Spoon of Garam Masala
2 spoons of cut Kothumalli
2 nicely cut Chillies
1 spoon of Garlic paste
1 spoon of Ginger paste
1/2 spoon of Red chilli powder
1/4 spoon of Turmeric powder
Salt one and half times to your taste
Cooking oil for making stuffing
Gingely seeds for Garnishing




Make a cross cut on Brinjals and set aside. Make one and half inch pieces of Potatoes or better use same sized whole potatoes .Make a deep single cut where you can stuff properly. Set aside. 
Now prepare the stuffing. Take Groundnuts without red skin and coarsely  powder it. Mix Kadalai Maavu (Besan) red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, salt, ginger - garlic pastes, Kothumalli, finely chopped chillies, Dhania powder along with Ground nut powder and Garam Masala in a big katora, add about two spoons to three spoons of Cooking oil to make the working dough of the stuffing. The consistency of the stuffing should be like thick Upuma.
You must remember to add more salt as the salt is to permeate in the Brinjals  and Potatoes. 


Stuff the potatoes and Brinjals with the stuffing Masala. Take about two ladles of oil in a non stick pan and add Mustard seeds and Gingly seeds for Tempering (Some people Temper with Gingly seeds after the Vegetables are fully cooked. I prefer the same way) When the Mustard seeds start crackling, slowly place stuffed potatoes first and then Brinjals in the pan. Cover the pan with a lid .I would suggest you to cover with a Thattu which is semi filled with water. This would ensure the water released from vegetables falling back in the pan and facilitate better cooking. It will take about twenty to thirty minutes on a low flame to cook this curry. Take care to turn the vegetables slowly every five minutes. This will ensure proper all round cooking. 
Now you can Garnish with Gingly seeds crackled in a little oil. Decorate with finely chopped Kothumalli. This Curry is Dry. But some people in Gujarat do use a gravy of Besan with 
spices and Potatoes (Mashed) The stuffed vegetables are placed in the gravy and served. 
This dish tastes Heavenly with Phulkas and Roties. Surprisingly this goes great with Rice also. 


Instead of using Ginger Garlic, only Asafoetida (perangayam) is used , Peanut powder is avoided. The rest of the ingredients remain the same. 

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