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POTATO-BHAJI (Dry Potato Curry)



I always look forward to this curry on Thursdays and on Ekadashi days since this curry is A PHALAGHARAM curry. But non the less it is one curry which does not need a Main dish like roti etc. to be enjoyed. This curry is a heart stealer. Try once and I am sure that you will fall in love with its taste and simplicity..

Potatoes 1/2 kgs
Green Chillies 2 to 3 nos
Ginger 1.5 " thumb sized
Red Chilli powder 1/2 spoon (optional) If you don't use this add 2 more green chillies
Asafoetida 1/4+1/4 spoon
Oil for tempering 2 ladles
Jeera 1 spoon
Ghee 1 spoon
Curry leaves 2 sprigs
Salt to taste




Cook potatoes carefully in a pressure cooker ensuring that they are not over cooked and mushy. They should be firm but properly cooked. Set aside and let them get cold enough to handle but should never be diced when they are cold. Infact potatoes in this case are never allowed to become cold. Dice them in 3/4" to 1" sized cubes/pieces. Slice green chillies in thin round slices and grate Ginger . keep them aside. Take oil in a Kadai and add Jeera. When jeera starts becoming pinkish, add curry leaves and 1/4 spoon of Asafoetida and finely cut Green chillies, immediately add diced Potatoes .Turn the potatoes properly for about a minute or so. Now add salt, chilli powder, and Grated Ginger. Add raw asafoetida 1/4 spoon and set the flame at medium and turn the curry briskly to mix all the ingredients properly. Some people do not like to add Chilli powder when they are fasting, they can use more Green chillies. Cover the Kadai with a lid. Let the curry become steaming hot. Switch off the stove and let the curry be set for about ten minutes before serving. Ensure that the curry is not mushy and the diced potatoes are separate. When you serve it hot, just touch a drop or two of Ghee per serving. You will have people asking for more and it is a guarantee.

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