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Karnataka Curries have a totally different type of taste than other southern curries. There is a very biting Chilli usage and there is a fine usage of Mustard and Coconuts in Vegetable curries.  I am posting a MIX VEGETABLE CURRY in coconut milk Gravy . Remember, that if you cannot get hold of Coconut Milk in Indian Stores, try a store which sells Thai or Malay food items.If you still cant get the same , you can use plain milk or Cashew paste thinned to form Milk. This PALAYA tastes great with Rice and Parathas and Poories.

250 gms. of Vegetables like Beans, Potatoes, KnolKhol. Green peas etc.
10 cloves of Garlic
2" Piece of Ginger sliced
1 Small Onion (optional)
1 Cup of Coconut Milk
4 to 5 Green Chillies (medium hot) 
2 Nos. Tomatoes Finely diced
2" Cinnamon stick
1/4 Spoon Turmeric
Little Lime Juice or a dash of  Tamarind is recommended to give a tang.
Salt to taste
1 Ladle of Cooking oil for tempering and frying.




Dice and Cut the desired vegetables (don't use brinjals, ladies finger ) to 1/2 inch pieces, peel green peas .Steam cook to 3/4 of cooking. Don't cook fully. 

Take a little oil in a Kadai and add whole Garlic cloves Ginger and Green chillies , sliced Onion and Cinnamon fry exactly for one and half minutes in hot oil. Remove from Kadai and when cool., make a paste in a grinder. Keep it aside. Take some more oil in a Kadai and fry Tomatoes .When the Tomatoes start leaving oil, add Coconut Milk. Stir  for two to three minutes. Now add all the semi Cooked Vegetables and cook on a medium flame for about five minutes. Add Turmeric powder and Ground wet Masala paste and salt and mix thoroughly. Add a little water and let the Palaya simmer on low flame for about five to seven minutes. Add souring agent like lime Juice or Tamarind extract (one spoon) now. When the vegetables are fully cooked, Garnish with Kothumalli (Optional) and serve hot.

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