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There is only one place in south India which probably is Karnataka where you find this vegetable curry using mustard powder and not much of any other spices. I have liked this curry with rice. You too can try and see.

Kovakkai 250 gms.
Mustard powder 3 spoons
Green chillies 2 nos. sliced
Sour Buttermilk 1/4 cup
Ulutham parappu 2 spoons
Red chilli 2 nos.
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Kothumalli 2 spoons
Salt to taste



Take mustard (small variety), powder it and add sour curd /sour buttermilk and set it aside at least for six hours. When you find that you get a fine strong smell and taste of Mustard, it is fit to use in the curry. Don't store in a fridge. Sometimes, due to cold weather it may take longer for mustard to give off strong aroma. In such a case you may use a spoon of Mustard oil to save the day. Cut Kovakkai lengthwise in slices (medium), slice green chillies in thick slices. Take oil in a kadai and add Ulundu parappu and red chillies. When parappu turns brown, add Kovakkai and salt, stir fry properly. Set the flame on low and cover the kadai. Let Kovakkai get 3/4th cooked in oil only. Only if you want, you may add just a ladleful of water at a time to see that Kovakkai are cooked. When done, add Strong aroma giving Mustard in curd , and marinate Kovakkai thoroughly. Add a little water and heat again on a low flame till all the water is evaporated. When done, garnish with curry leaves and if you want kothumalli also. Serve with rice and sambar.


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