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This dish looks very complex to make but it is easy in practice. This goes well with Rice, Chappathis Dosai Rotis etc. You can eat this along with any other Rice preparation like Lemon Rice, Pongal or even Chicken or Mutton Biriyani.(This recipe is from Indian Express

A spoon of oil.
1 Table spoon of Channa Dhall
4 Whole Red Chillies
1 Sliced Medium Sized Onion
1 Medium sized Tomato
4 Cloves of Garlic 


The trick for making a good kathrikai masala , says Ramnath who is from Tamilnadu himself, is to choose the right kind of Brinjal. Ideally, the brinjals should be small . These taste better because of the softer seeds. Also the masala permeates better when the brinjals are small. For this receipe, take eight small brinjals and cut into quarters almost to the stem but not fully so that each brinjal remains whole. Fry the brinjals in three tablespoons of oil till they are half-cooked, which should take about two minutes. keep aside. Take a kadai and saute the ingredients over a low heat in about. When the mixture starts to leave the pan, take it off the flame, add a quarter cup of grated Coconut and blend the whole thing in to a fine paste in a mixi and keep this paste aside. Take about 10 ml of oil in a Kadai, heat over a high flame. Throw in a quarter spoon of Mustard seeds. When it starts to crackle, add a medium sized Onion sliced. Fry till brown. At this stage, add the a paste made of three Cloves of Garlic and an Inch of Ginger. Continue frying till oil separates from the paste, and raw smell of Ginger and Garlic disappears. Turn down the flame and add quarter spoon each of Chilli powder, Turmeric Powder, and Coriander powder. Fry on a low flame for about five minutes and then diced 2 numbers of Tomatoes. Turn back to high flame cooking till Tomatoes become tender. Once the Tomatoes are cooked, they will release their Juices in to the Kadai. Turn down the flame again and add previously made pastealong with salt to taste.and continue cooking for further six to seven minutes. Now add the fried partially cooked Brinjals and cook tossing once or twice, see that the Masala juices make way into the Brinjals. Now add about a strand of Curry leaves. 



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