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As a general rule, almost all the curries from Andhra Pradesh are EO & ET type and are fire balls for the uninitiated. But once you get the hang of them and once you get a taste of Andhra food, you would love to have them again and again. Today I am posting first version of GUTTI VANKAYA KURA 

Round small Brinjals 250 gms.
Red chillies(dry) 7 to 8 nos.
Dry coconut (Grated) 1/2 cup
Coriander seeds 1 spoon
Fried Bengal Gram dhall 3 spoons
Onion 2 nos.
Tamarind 1 medium lemon size
salt to taste
Turmeric powder 1/2 spoon
Oil 2 ladle full


Cut brinjals (slit) in four but retain the stalk .Make the cuts from the top as you are going to stuff them. Take oil in a kadai and fry the brinjals till they are 1/2 cooked and are ready for stuffing. Keep them aside. Make a powder of red chillies, salt , coriander seeds, copra (dry coconut). When the powder is ready, add onion pieces and Turmeric powder and make a paste of the whole thing in a mixi (oriental food processor). Now take about three spoons of oil in the kadai and fry the paste for about two to three minutes stirring it constantly. Remove from fire and let it cool. Now stuff the brinjals with the fried paste and when the stuffing is over, keep the brinjals covered for about 15 minutes. Now reheat the Brinjals for about ten minutes on a low flame, taking care to see that the brinjals do not become too soft and soggy. Serve piping hot along with plain rice. This also goes very well with chapathi and parotha.


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