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AVIYAL  (Mix Vegetable curry cooked in coconut medium From Kerala



Cut all the vegetables to at least 2" in length and see that the white Gourd pieces are at least 1" cubes to 1.1.5 " size. The Muringakkai (Drum sticks) also must be about one and half inch long. Cook the above vegetables on direct heat with water, turmeric, salt for about 15 minutes or pressure cook till 3/4th cooked. Now add the ground Masala of Coconut and Chillies (fine paste) and cook on a medium flame for further five to eight minutes till the vegetables are fully cooked. Now take the curd and coconut oil in Small bowl of Mixi and churn for Five seconds, add this to cooked vegetables. Heat the Aviyal for further two minutes and serve steaming hot with rice, poor or dosais. But it tastes best with Rice.

Ash Gourd 350 gms.
Beans 50 gms.
Raw Banana 1 No.
Karna Kizanga(yam) 100 gms.
Knol Khol or
Potato or
Any other vegetable 100 gms.
Drum sticks 2 Nos.
Sour Curd ( medium) 1 cup
Curry leaves 2 to 3 sprigs
Turmeric Powder 1 spoon
Coconut oil 1 ladle (three tea spoons)
Salt to taste

Coconut 3/4 Grated
Green Chillies 5 to 6 (take medium hot chillies of Long Variety)




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