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ALOO-BASAR (Potato curry with onions) SINDHI STYLE.



I am presenting another Avatara of Potato in Sindhi curry. As usual almost all Sindhi curries are Deep fried variety and generally are dry or semi dry. This Potato curry is no exception. As most of the sindhi curries, this one tends to be on hotter side. But mind you it is also very tasty.

Potatoes 200 gms. (Diced in 4 to 5 mm thickness)
Onions 175 gms.
Tomatoes 175 gms.
Green chillies 3 to 4 nos.
Chilli powder 1.5 spoons
Dhania Powder 1.5 spoons
Turmeric powder 1/4 spoon
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon (optional)
Kothumalli 3 spoons
Oil 2 to 3 ladles
Mustard 1 pinch
Salt (black ) to taste


Dice potatoes, Cut Onions in long thin slices and cut Green chillies in very thin slices. Dice Tomatoes also in small pieces. Set aside. Take oil in a Kadai and add just a pinch of Mustard seeds Set the flame on medium. When mustard seeds crackle, immediately add onions and Potatoes. Fry on a low flame stirring properly for about four to five minutes. Onions would start turning pinkish. Now add finely sliced chillies and fry along with onions and potatoes for further three to four minutes till onions are light brown. Now add diced Tomatoes, chilli powder, Dhania powder salt and Asafoetida. Fry the mixture in low/medium flame till all the water is evaporated and oil starts separating and tomatoes leave the juice. Now add water , just enough to semi dip the potatoes. Set the flame on medium, cover the kadai and let Potatoes get cooked .This should take six to seven minutes at the most. Check in between that potatoes do not stick to bottom Check if the potatoes are properly cooked. Now set the flame on low and remove the cover from kadai and let the extra water get evaporated. When done, set down the kadai and garnish the Potatoes with finely chopped Kothumalli and serve with Chappathi / Poories or Phulkas. Goes very well with hot rice too. 

Ps. This Sindhi curry is spicy and has a fine aroma. Take care when you are turning potato in Kadai. Here the potatoes are sliced more than diced with  90 degree angle. And they should not break. If you don't have black salt, you can use common salt.. 


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