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Garlic chutney is an universal chutney which adds proper spiciness to both the northern and southern dishes. Garlic chutney is always hot and is made to last for at least six months to an year.

250 gms. of Garlic pods which are of Hot variety.
50 gms. of Chilli powder
3 ladles of edible oil
3 spoons of salt (table spoons)
1 Spoon of Mustard seeds for tampering





Mash Garlic in a wooden pound and mortar. If you don't have wooden , use metal pound. Go on beating the Garlic till Garlic is almost 3/4 th mashed. Now add Chilli powder and salt. Start pounding for at least fifteen minutes. You will find a very hard mass of Red Garlic and Chilli powder. Take out the chutney in a clean bowl. Take oil in a tempering Ladle (Karandi) and add mustard seeds. When Mustard starts to crackle, Pour the oil on Chutney . Take out the red chutney and taste for salt. If you find salt is proper, Take a clean glass jar and fill up the chutney. This chutney is to be used along with plain edible oil which is used to thin down the chutney. This chutney will last for at least one year without any problem Remember that this chutney is very hot, so always take care to tone down the hotness with oil/ghee. VARIATIONS You can add 30 gms. of Tamarind to make a sour Garlic chutney. For children, reduce the hotness by adding a lot of Dry Copra powder and oil. Both the variations will last long. This chutney can be eaten with Khichadi, Upuma, Dosai, Idlies ,Dhoklas, Samosas etc.


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