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We have so far talked of the grown up's tastes and have neglected children. I remember looking forward to Sweet rice cooking done by my aunt on special occassions.She would dust off the SPICE DIBBA which housed all spices which were used rarely and then set about cooking the ORANGE SWEET RICE. I never liked the orange colour but the rice in its heavenly sweetness was more than welcome may it be of any colour.I am bringing back the magic of SWEET RICE of course minus its artificial orange colour. I have made some changes in the recipe I hope the departed soul of my aunt would pardon me for that. (needless to say that she was a great cook)


Rice 1cup (Basmati/ Biriyani)
Powdered sugar 1cup
Powdered sugar (with cloves 5 nos, cardamom 5nos) 1/4 cup
Cinnamon sticks 5 to 6 nos.
Cloves 8 to 10 nos.
Cardamom 10 nos.
Saffron strands 1/4 spoon (wetted)
Bay leaves 2 to 3 nos. cut in half
Raisins 3 to 4 spoons
Cashew 10 nos. split
Ghee 75 ml.
Warm water 15 ml to 20 ml.



If you are using Basmati Rice/ Biriyani  Rice, ensure that the rice is old otherwise, if the rice is new, toast the rice after soaking in water for ten minutes and draining all the water, and toasting in a kadai in two spoons of ghee till the rice is very light creamy or pinkish looking. Toasting for about ten miinutes would do. This would ensure your rice grains remains separate when cooking. Cook this rice such that all the grains remain seperate.Cool the rice by spreading and keep aside. Now take Ghee in a Kadai and add cinnamon, Cardamom ,Bay leaves and cloves. When cloves and cardamom puff up , remove from fire and let it cool .Ensure that you remove the tempering in a separate  cup or else it will burn the spices if left to cool in a kadai. Take little ghee in Kadai and fry cashewnuts and raisins till raisins puff up and cashew nuts become light brown. Remove from fire and keep aside. When the rice is completely cold, add Powdered sugar to rice. Make powder of sugar along with cardamom, Cloves and add that to rice. Also add now Saffron which is wetted and crushed with a mortar . Gently mix the sugar and rice. We add a little sprinkling of water here because sugar when added to rice, hardens the grains. Ensure thorough dissolution of sugar by sprinkling warm water along with sugar powder. You must ensure that the rice is absolutely dry before adding sugar and water or else the sugar adding with water would make it mushy. Add the tampering and fried cashew nuts and raisins and mix well. Take care and ensure that the rice is not dry (meaning with less Ghee) .If needed, add some more ghee. Cover with a lid and set it aside for an hour to let the spices aroma permeate in Rice and let sugar to dissolve and mix. Now place this rice in a milk Boiler .This is to heat up the rice by indirect heat and totally assimilate sugar .If you don't have a milk boiler, heat it up in a non stick pan or in a micro oven for a little while so that the cold rice becomes warm. Serve just moderately hot to warm .Never serve sweet rice steaming hot. The Aroma and taste of Sweet rice would be just great. The success of this effort on your part can be measured by the length of the smile your children and guest's faces . This is a great rice dish for children's birthday party. Enjoy!!!!! And ask your children to give the feedback please. even Grown up members are considered as children when BHOJYESHU  MATA is feeding them.

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