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Dice potatoes, shred ginger, slice garlic, dice onions and finely cut/shred green chillies. Keep aside. Remove leaves of a cupful of fresh mint and keep aside. I generally make a coarse paste of Mint leaves and add to the spices just before closing the lid of the cooker. Prepare the green vegetables like Beans, Green peas and potatoes and keep aside. Now take rice and put directly in cooker without any separator. Best to use is Hawkins pressure cooker. Now add all the above cut spices and vegetables in it and add salt. Now add all the dry spices, chilli powder and Garam masala powder. Add enough water to cook the rice and the vegetables. Please ensure that you add just enough( 500 ML) for the above. But ensure that you use only old rice. Water quantity must be fixed by you as per the quality and quantity off rice you use. Now take oil in a tempering ladle and add Jeera , Mustard and cinnamon and cloves. When cloves puff up and mustard starts to clakle, add the tempering to the cooker. Stir well and Taste for salt and add if less. Add lime juice now. Close the lid and pressure cook for just two whistles. Let the cooker get cold enough. Keep the cooker open for some 15 minutes. This will give time to rice to get properly set. After the whistles( 45 minutes )open the cooker. Fantastic Aroma of Mint rice would tease you when you open the cooker. This Mint Rice rice would immediately become your favourite. As usual, don't forget to post in your feedback please . 



Rice 1cup
Potatoes 2 nos. diced
Beans evenly cut
Green Peas shelled 1/2 cup
Ginger 2" piece shredded
Garlic 6 cloves finely cut
Onions 2 nos. Diced
Fresh Mint leaves I bunch/1cup
Green chillies (shredded) 5 to 6 nos.
Garam Masala powder 1.5 spoons
Oil ( cooking oil of any brand)
Cloves 6 nos.
Cinnamon sticks 3nos
Jeera/Mustard 1/2 spoon  
Lime juice 2 spoons
Salt to taste

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