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 Any one who has ever taken Andhra Meals in a Genuine Andhra Restaurant, would be served with Gun Powder with Rice and Ghee. The most beautiful thing about Gun Powder Rice is, the more you have it, the hungrier you become. Keep Gun Powder prepared in your house and I bet you will get addicted to having Gun Powder Rice almost daily. I have seen people just having Gun powder rice and almost nothing else. Go ahead and try out. One of the Most Addicted person is my son who would not refuse it all the 365 days. The condition is, THE RICE MUST BE STEAMING AND THE GHEE SHOULD BE HOT.


Puffed Channa Grams (oduchhu/ pottu  kadalai) 350 gms.
Red Chillies 10 to 15 nos.
Garlic 75  to 100 gms.
Ghee 2 to 3 spoons
Salt to taste (2 s p)



Take a kadai and fry red chillies for just 30 seconds lightly. Add Puffed Grams with Chillies and fry/roast for about five minutes in Ghee. The condition is that the grams should leave all the moisture and chillies must be dry. Add peeled Garlic and turn three or four times, add salt , mix properly and set aside to cool. When cold, powder it in a mixi. Sift the Gun powder to remove hard Gram particles. At this stage taste for salt. Powder the hard portion last. The powder should NOT be like maida. Fill it up in a dry glass bottle with wide mouth. Keeps good for months. Prepare rice as usual up to your need. The rice is going to be served steaming so you must cook with minimum needed water. Serve rice which is steaming. Add two spoons of Ghee on top of rice and add required GUN POWDER on top. Mix and enjoy!!! This rice must be eaten while really hot. The rice may feel dry to eat with Gun Powder but surprisingly it will not stick to your chest or throat. The more you eat, the hungrier you will become. So Go and Get Hooked to this Andhra Wonder.!!! After Ghee Rice, I am sure that this will draw maximum response.!! Ps. Fix number of chillies as per your ability to withstand hotness. But I recommend that you must stick to specified quantity.
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