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When I want to surprise people, I come up with some of the most basic Ideas with imaginative approach to a dish. DRY RASAM SADHAM is my one such recipe which will give you taste of Rasam Sadham without the watery feeling of the dish but the taste of Rasam in it is tongue tingling. You are sure to make this dish a permanent fixture in your menu for its sheer simplicity and time saving method. So here we go.................

Ponni Rice (old) 3/4 cup
Tamarind Extract 1/2 cup (abt.60 ml)
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Garlic 5 to 6 cloves (if you want to make Garlic rasam)
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon
Black pepper 1 spoon
    Coarsely ground
Black pepper powder 1/2 spoon
Jeera 1.5 spoons
Red chilli powder 1/4 to 1/2 spoon
Sugar 1/4 spoon
Ghee for tempering 2 ladles
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Jeera for tempering 1/4 spoon
Red chilli pieces 1 chilli
Kothumalli 1/4 cup
Salt to taste


Cook rice in usual southern manner with each grain separate. Let it get sufficiently cold. Set it aside Make Tamarind extract from Tamarind about 1/2 cup. The extract should be thickish and free of stones. Now take Garlic, Curry leaves, Kothumalli leaves, Jeera (coarsely ground), Chilli powder, Black pepper (coarsely pounded) and also Pepper powder and salt. Make in a paste (thick and coarse chutney type). set it aside. Take a kadai and put Ghee/oil add Red chilli ,Mustard and Jeera. When mustard pops out, add Asafoetida ( if you are not making Garlic Rasam sadham). Tamarind extract and fry till raw smell of Tamarind goes of and the extract becomes thickish. This should take about three to four minutes at the most. Immediately add the ground paste and fry along with Tamarind extract for further two to three minutes. You may add salt to taste now. Remember that you are adding salt for rice also, so that it should compensate for salt. Add sugar. If you want you can add diced Tomatoes after removing the Rasam Gojju from stove. Now when the Rasam concentrate is cold, slowly mix it with plain rice. Taste for salt, if needed add sufficient salt. Let it stand for about an hour. Reheat the rice before serving. This rice will give you the same taste of hot PEPPER JEERA RASAM without the watery feeling. !!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised!!!!!!!!!!! Well you are sure to be. 


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Ps. If you want Parappu Rasam Taste, you will have to use Parappu. I can teach you a method of making dry cooked Thoram parappu for quick fix usage.


 Cook a bout 1/4 kg of Thoram parappu thoroughly. Drain the water fully and place the thick parappu on cloth and underneath place old news papers. Place a cloth on top also and further news papers. Press with flat plate and drain all the moisture. You will have a flat mass of Dry cooked Parappu. Dry it further in pre heated oven for a minute or two and when sufficiently dry, store it in a plastic jar and keep it in fridge. This will not spoil for a long time. You can add salt on top to prevent spoilage. This parappu will save a lot of your time when you are in a hurry.

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